Museum Documentation-Reflection

Now that the museum project is done and over with, its time to reflect on the process and overall experience. Continue reading

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Museum Documentation-Video

Posted below is the documentation video that I put together showing gameplay of our final product and users interacting with the game. The video opens up showing the station my group was set up at. Following that is one of my partners doing a run through of the game. The rest of the video is some of the people we had stop by to play our game.

To read about my reflection and find out what assets I designed for the game, click the following link:

Museum Documentation-Reflection Continue reading

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Alstom Project (Final)

This was the final project for Advanced Modeling. We were suppose to design a train for the company Alstom and then composite the model into a city. I decided to go with a black/silver/chrome design. train_final

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Interaction Review-Rochester Natural Science Museum

For this interaction review I’m going to be reviewing the interactive station called “Cooling Down and Heating Up.” Continue reading

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Advanced Modeling-Still Life

For this project I chose an object that I was going to 3D model in Maya which would later be rendered in Arnold, and finally brought into Photoshop where I would use the model to create an ad. I chose to model my Xbox One. When creating the ad, I tried to keep it as close to a actual Microsoft ad as possible. That means, I used the green they use in their ads, and it was fairly simplistic but straight to the point. The quote on the ad came straight from the Xbox website.  Continue reading

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Production I-Video Art Project

For this project I have to create a 2-5 minute video that is based on a poem, poet, book, or topic. The video must mirror the topic. I’m choosing the poem “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost. The theme is that we are all always confront by choices in life and we have to make decisions. The road in the poem represents the decision we have to make. For my project, I either want to have someone who needs to make a large choice and represent that, or make a compilation of scenes of someone making a bunch of different choices. The opening shot might be someone standing at a fork in the road and it fades into a bright light and then the other scenes are shown. 

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20 Second Montage

This was a small exercise for Production I. I compiled 20 one second clip that varied through at least 4 locations.

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