Museum Documentation-Reflection

Now that the museum project is done and over with, its time to reflect on the process and overall experience. My group and I figured out from the beginning that we wanted the game to be an infinite scroller on a tablet that would be controlled by touching the left and right sides of the screen. In addition, since the game is for children, we wanted to make the game so the player wouldn’t be able to lose. The game was suppose to be a sea lion swimming through the water, collecting fish, while also dodging nets that would wrap around you and slow you down. Once you reach the end, there would be a baby sea lion trapped in a net that you would free and then feed it the fish that was collected along the way. However, we did fall short of our goal. The end game animation where the baby sea lion is saved and our fish counter never saw final production. The game turned out to be just the adult sea lion collecting fish and the player dodging nets.¬†As for asset design, I was personally responsible for creating the menu/start screen and the fish counter (from fish 1-15). After our beta test, there were only minor things to change like the spawn point of some of the nets (one would spawn right in front of the player when the game started) and to actually implement the start screen. The group also received fairly good feedback in response to the test. Although there wasn’t a large turn out at the final installation, the few children that showed up and took the time to play our game enjoyed it.

Posted below are screenshots of my asset designs for the project:

You can watch the video documentation showing gameplay and users playing the game by following the link below to my other post:

Museum Documentation-Video

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