Interactive Media

These are the finals screenshots of my sword textures on the axe, buster sword, and katana. I also worked on the texturing of the space arena (modeled and designed by Austin Suain).  Continue reading

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Production I-Interview

This piece consists of me interview my father who owns a company named van Ernst Refrigeration. I ask him a few questions and then we go into a compressor room where he describes some of the things that take place in the room.

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October 10-13 Game Update

This is my update with Maya models for the “Sweet Swords” video game. The programmers wanted a buster sword, katana, and an axe. After I meet with them today (October 12th) I’ll be making any adjustments they would like.  Continue reading

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Substance Painter-Mat

This is my first time using substance painter and it was pretty fun. This is my version of the Mat model. I went with a purple, gold, and black color scheme. I applied a concrete texture. I applied another heavier concrete like texture to the base.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 1.49.05 PM.png

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Production I-Self Portrait and Repurpose

The first two projects assigned in Production I were to create a short self portrait video introducing yourself. The second project was a repurposing edit incorporating a production principle (repetition, rhythm, anticipation, or duration). My repurpose video shows repetition in the dialog line I place throughout the video, and anticipation of the people in the video getting hurt.  Continue reading

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Interactive Media Unity Game

At the bottom of this post is a link to dropbox with a compressed version of my first game that was created using Unity. The character you play as has to cross multiple streets to get into a clearing where you walk over a ball and win the game.


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Production I-Interview Proposal

For my interview proposal I want to interview my father, Mike Lombino. He owns his own business titled Van Ernst Refrigeration. They instal and fix refrigeration and heating units in stores. I plan on asking questions such as how long he’s worked, what specifically the company does, and what some of the hardships a worker in this field might encounter.

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